Acne Prone Skin and Face Washes

Almost everyone at least once in that life slept with smooth skin, woke up the next morning and when looking in the mirror, found big reddish acne saying good morning, I know the desire to burst is HUGE, but calm down, keep your hands away from your face because it will only get worse and comes to learn to take care of that unexpected acne.

What causes acne?

Before you even know how to care, it is important that you understand the emergence of acne, hormones are usually the main cause of acne, especially among young people and teenagers, but during adulthood, they can also appear and bother many people. Internal and external factors such as excess oil, poor diet, stress, cosmetics that clog pores, among other reasons they can cause pimples to appear in different regions of the body.

Before acne reaches its final state, it appears in the shape of a carnation, this is because the pores are clogged and make it impossible for the fats to escape from the sebaceous glands, leaving the oily skin that results in the blackhead and then acne. To avoid the appearance of blackheads it is necessary to create a routine to care for the skin, and for those who have a tendency to have acne, care must be greater when choosing products and especially when cleaning the skin which allows the eliminate fats and acne.

How to clear skin with acne

If acne has appeared on your skin, you may be thinking of a way to get rid of it for good and cleaning is the essential daily step to be taken, even with cleaning, it will not disappear immediately, but it will be softened and your skin will be more hydrated, soft and free of oil and you can achieve the much-desired skin with a face wash for acne-prone skin and suitable cosmetics.

The skin that tends to have acne needs an appropriate soap, just like all other beauty items and this ideal soap is the gel version because they are refreshing and eliminate oiliness, if possible also buy those that have salicylic acid or sulfur in the formula because they are great components to fight acne.

Before starting to cleanse the skin, wash your hands to eliminate all bacteria.

  • Wet your skin with cold or warm water
  • With the appropriate soap for acne-prone skin, apply to the skin and spread with gentle movements, then rinse thoroughly, do not leave soap residue.
  • Dry the skin with a soft towel by tapping it gently.

After cleaning with soap, it is necessary to moisturize the skin, this hydration should preferably be done during the morning to last throughout the day, the moisturizer must keep the skin dry, choose one that is oil-free, anti-acne and with vitamin C.

Other care to keep the skin clean

  • To keep your skin clean you need to wash twice a day in the morning and apply moisturizer and sunscreen and at night, before sleeping. Do not wash more than that, excessive washing was able to cause the rebound effect and leave the skin even more oily and able to clog pores.
  • Always remove makeup completely before bed.
  • There are other types of skin cleansing but that should only be performed by professionals, where he extracts the blackheads and acne. Never squeeze acne at home to avoid injury to the skin.
  • In more severe cases of acne, consult your dermatologist who will indicate the best treatment to be performed.

Skin cleansing is essential, do it daily to keep your skin always hydrated and prevent acne from appearing or becoming oily. All skin requires care and take time for yours before, during, and after acne appears, but always remember to use the cosmetic as indicated.  

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