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Best Face Washes for Sensitive Skin

Oily, mixed, dry, normal or sensitive skin, no matter what yours is, they all require special care and with specific products and do you know why? Because it keeps your skin healthy and hydrated, preventing signs of expression and blemishes from appearing early or a skin problem is intensified.

Of all kinds of skins that exist, if you have one that requires double care when applying cosmetics and washing, this is definitely sensitive skin, she tends to develop allergies easily and doesn’t adapt to creams as easily. If your skin is sensitive, read on, and learn how to take care of it.

What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is usually red, has a dry appearance, burning sensation, it is thin, it has spots and itches, the sensitivity may be a genetic inheritance or caused by external factors such as pollution, most of the time is intolerant to essential products like moisturizer and sunscreen that can aggravate and make a more serious skin disease.

his explains why sensitive or irritated skincare is so big, care that can be performed with hypoallergenic cosmetics or treatment, depending on the degree of sensitivity.

How to care for sensitive skin?

Have a care routine: for all skin types, it is more than essential to have a daily care routine, which should include at least cleaning, hydration, and protection. What differentiates care from one skin to another are the products used.

Invest in hypoallergenic cosmetics: hypoallergenic products are those that are less likely to cause allergic reactions or irritations, it is indicated for sensitive skin in the most varied forms of cosmetics (soap, lotions, moisturizer, etc.) always choose the item that contains this feature because they gradually soften the effects of the skin.

Wear face masks moisturizing fortnightly: face masks have had a huge boom in recent times, they can look scary when applied to the face but the effects come right away, with calming action and with natural elements in the composition, they hydrate sensitive skin and act as an anti-inflammatory, its use is recommended at least twice a month.

Always have thermal water nearby: this is the item you should always have in your bag, bathroom, very close to you, thermal water is rich in minerals that invigorates and soothes the skin.

It can be sprayed several times a day, especially at that moment when you cannot do the complete cleaning.

Avoid skin-damaging products: if your skin is sensitive, you know that not all products adapt to it, so give preference to those soft cosmetics that contain natural ingredients in the formula and avoid those with alcohol, dyes, parabens or any other element that can harm your skin. Always read the label.

How to wash sensitive skin?

In the skincare routine, the first step to be taken is cleaning, there are not many variations, but there is the best face wash for sensitive skin as a way to keep it feeling comfortable through thorough cleaning. Then you learn the step by step how to do this cleaning.

  1. Before you start to clean your skin you must choose the appropriate soap, for sensitive skin the soaps indicated are those in a cleaning gel version that do not contain alcohol, perfume, that the pH is close to that of the skin and that it does not froth when applied to the face, remember that foam is not synonymous with cleaning.
  2. With cold or warm water, take it to the face removing the superficial dirt, after, apply a small amount of soap or cleansing gel to your fingertips and spread gently on damp skin, and finally, rinse it slowly also with cold or warm water. Never wash your face with hot water as it can further irritate your skin.
  3. After the rinse, it’s time to dry your face, take a lighter fabric towel and pat the skin lightly until it dries completely, after cleaning, the skin is prepared to receive other cosmetics.

Complete skin cleaning should be done twice (morning and night) and during the day, you can also use alternatives like facial cleansing wipes or thermal water to keep your skin clean.

And you there who have sensitive skin, what are your habits for skincare? Which step is essential for you and which cosmetics cannot be missing from your routine?

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