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Primer for Your Oily Skin

You probably already spent hours doing makeup and the result was impeccable, you left the house and hours later you looked in the mirror and your shadow was no longer there, the blush completely has gone and the lipstick erased, and you must have wondered why it happened and the answer is simple: you didn’t use the primer.

Believe it, the beauty product is able to maintain the fixation and durability of the makeup for much longer, besides bringing some benefits to the skin.

If you don’t know how and when to use it, or what the primer is for, this post will answer your questions.

What does the facial primer do?

The primer is a kind of cream that protects the skin and prevents it from coming into direct contact with makeup, is the initial step to be taken, it should be used with clean skin, applied after sunscreen, moisturizer and before the base and the face powder, after all, its main function is to prepare the skin to receive the makeup and ensure that it lasts throughout the day.

In the cosmetics market, there are many primer options and for all skin types, some have some extra features, but in general, the benefits it causes are the same, which are they:

Control oiliness: one of the main functions of the primer, is to keep the skin brightness control leaves a dry touch for much longer;

Hiding enlarged pores: the enlarged pores make the skin more oily, the primer softens their appearance and leaves the skin more apt to receive the liquid foundation

Maintain the durability of makeup: before even starting makeup, the primer must be applied to guarantee its durability. Forget that cracked effect on your makeup, now it will remain intact and beautiful throughout the day.

Moisturizes the skin: far beyond keeping your makeup beautiful, the primer also serves to moisturize your skin while concealing small imperfections.

You know that day when you wake up with no desire to put on makeup? You can use the primer together with the protector and the moisturizer that your skin will look hydrated.

Soften expression lines: the protective layer of the primer is still able to smooth the expression lines making the skin more uniform.

How to choose a primer for oily skin?

If you have oily skin, knows that it is characteristic to have an extra shine especially in the T region, that’s why it is important to buy cosmetics suitable for each skin type, so that the rebound effect does not occur, and with the primer, it would be no different.

The product can be found in the most varied textures but for oily skin it must be chosen carefully to act more effectively, at the time of purchase it is necessary to pay attention mainly to its composition.

  • Choose an oil-free primer, products containing oil in the formula tend to clog pores and if your skin is oily, invest in an oil-free one that will keep your skin dry.
  • Invest in a gel version with matte coverage, the gel primer dries quickly and leaves a velvety touch on the skin, because of the coverage.
  • Who has oily skin usually tends to have acne and blackheads and to avoid this, use a non-comedogenic primer (does not block pores and prevent the formation of new blackheads).

Now that you know the importance of the best primer for oily skin and makeup, you can’t miss this product in your makeup bag, if it was never part of your skincare routine, try inserting it and you will see how beneficial it is, but pay attention to your skin type and which facial primer is right for you. If your skin is oily, just follow these tips from the post that you will not go wrong when choosing.