Skin Lotions And Their Benefits

In the last few years, the term skincare has simply boomed around the world and not difficult to understand why, this skincare practice is one of the best things you can do to take care of yourself, whoever has this habit, knows that there are five steps to make a complete skin cleansing which are they: hygiene, toning, exfoliation, hydration, and protection, among these steps, hydration is the one that can leave the skin brighter, with a healthy aspect and much softer.

For you to be careful and hydrate in the right way, you need to identify your skin type and which product is most suitable for it, the cosmetic that moisturizes the face can be in a cream, lotion or gel and I will explain a little better about each one.

Cream: has a thick consistency and high nutritional capacity, is indicated for those with dry skin, as it effectively moisturizes thanks to its dense texture.

Gel: for oily skin, the quick-dry gel moisturizer, has a light texture and dry touch.

Lotion: is more liquid than the cream, easy absorption, moisturizes without leaving greasiness, and is indicated for all skin types, but mainly for normal skin.

The 5 Reasons to Use Face Lotions

Normal skin is the easiest to adapt to different facial products, but when it comes to moisturizer, the lotion version is the most suitable and if you are still not convinced of that, I give you five reasons to change the moisturizer in cream to the lotion right now.

Clean: if used daily correctly, the lotion cleanses the skin intensively, removing impurities, and oil.

Soothes the skin: moisturizing lotion usually contains niacinamide in the formula which acts as an inflammatory, whitening, stimulates ceramides, collagen, and keeps the skin calmer.

Moisturizes: one of the main advantages of the lotion is that it moisturizes deeply, different from how the cream or gel moisturizes.

Perfume: not all, but there are some perfumed lotions that leave the aroma lightly on the face.

Improves skin firmness: do you want to have youthful-looking skin for longer? And thanks to the lotion this is possible, it leaves the skin fresh, light, and firm.

What is the difference between moisturizing lotion and tonic lotion?

Much has been said so far about moisturizing lotion, but in addition to it there is also the tonic lotion facial, both have very similar effects but also have their differences, moisturizing lotion really is the hydration step, which aims to improve the appearance in several ways, while tonic lotion has a cleansing effect, it is used as a makeup remover while moisturizing the skin. It is worth investing in both types of lotions, but when used correctly, respecting the order of cosmetics.

How and when to apply moisturizing facial lotion?

Did you know that the way you apply a product can interfere with the results it causes on the skin? That’s why in addition to choosing the ideal product for your skin type, it is important to take the time to apply each cosmetic correctly, moisturizing lotion can be applied during the day and night on the face and neck with light movements, avoiding the eye area, after this hydration process is the time to end with protection.

If you previously considered facial lotion to be unnecessary, you can start to rethink this, it is extremely important and more than essential to have (especially for you who have normal skin) causes many benefits for your skin in the short and long term, use it and your skin will thank you in the future, choose the right products and always stay hydrated.

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